Summer Time


Have a nice summer! I will spend some quality time at the beach but will soon be back with new articles about Katja of Sweden and other brilliant and creative people to get inspired by. Take care.


Charm and Simplicity

Katja of Sweden. Photo Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

A Summer dress by Katja of Sweden

Design of Katja of Sweden may look simple, but making the dress easy to wear wasn’t simple when Katja started her career. In fact, what Katja saw and what made her bright achievement to fly was her foresight in how women wants to dress. She spotted a gap in the market and took the opportunity to prosper. What she saw when she first got her idea in 1940th was that the fashion did not develop in the same direction as the new modern Scandinavian furniture designs made by for example Bruno Mathsson. These designs were getting popular in New York but women in strict fashion from Paris could not even use those beautiful chairs. Katja wanted in this way liberate women with her more comfortable ready-to-wear cloths.

Big Business for Colourful Design

Gudrun Sjöden design. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

Colourful, environmental awareness and lot of patterns are key words for a Gudrun Sjödén out-fit. Gudrun Sjödén started her design business in 1976 and her cloths sell today on-line and in stores all over Europe and in New York. The techniques and patterns are a unique mixture from Nordic folkclore combined with cultural heritage from countries like China and India.

In Sweden her cloths are bought by matured women with a bohemic look and high cultural standard. Her clients look the same all over the world, they even recognise each other as the look is unique. They are often strong and independent women with a big pocket.

This week a Private Equity company, Ratos, bought 30% of the company who today emplys over 400 people and sells for more than 700mSEK. I would think the growth to the American market needs an economic push to develop it even further. It might also give Gudrun Sjödén and her family some nice cash.

I can’t help wondering why Katja of Sweden did not do the same? Her brand would probably have last longer with some economic help of this standard. Remember though, that was before the internet. It might be easier to run a business with high cultural standard nowadays with help from online business.


Dagens Industri 22 June 2015

Pressrelease published 1 July 2016 “Ratos köper in sig i Gudrun Sjödén”