Big shift in fashion

Worrying time in fashion industry. Photo by Sara Thorsson  / Sagamodellen 

The fashion industry changes rapidly. There are many different collections to be made for a big brand today. The promotion of those are also more instant as Instagram mostly is the channel for it. This means however that the collection gets old quickly,  sometimes even before it comes out to consumers. Strategies need to be changed and Burberry is one that does this. Good or bad, not sure. How this affect cloths, fashion, creativity and art of beautifully made cloths are to be seen. 


Published by

Sara Thorsson

My interest in Katja of Sweden started with a passion in art, vintage, retro, design and fashion. Katja of Sweden is part of Swedish fashion history and she was a great designer of international standard. Katja's life was like a saga, hence the name of the blog. Katja was the start of my journey to get inspired by people who stand out and create their own future and business. Good values, hard work and some luck has created good artists that inspire us all. Instagram Sagamodellen Facebook Sagamodellen (in Swedish)

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