Less consumption needed

Camilla Thulin and Lars Wallin. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

The fashion industry changes rapidly and perhaps not to the best. Today there is a ‘need’ for up to six collections per year and less time for analysis and creativity to develop slowly. This is Raf Simon’s opinion after leaving the Dior. The professional staff made it work but the pressure is hard, he said.

Kurbits by Katja of Sweden. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

It was stressful when Katja of Sweden made her collections in the 50th, 60th and the 70th but in a more natural way. Today there are pre-fall and pre-summer collections, who needs them really I wonder? Not good for the sustainability. On top of this a couture collection is needed for those brands that produce those.
What the world need is less consumption of cheap cloths that only get thrown away when season is over, read Primark for instance. Vintage and high quality brand like Camilla Thulin and Lars Wallin would be better.
The industry struggles not only with sustainable issues but also consumers’ demand. Instagram consumers want to buy instantly but cloths tend to feel old once they reach the shops. Burberry have changed sales strategy and more will follow. Rodebjer is one. Stay tuned…

Photos by Sara Thorsson. The first are a Camilla Thulin vintage dress and the second is a modern Lars Wallin dress. The third is the kurbits pattern by Katja of Sweden, vintage.


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Sara Thorsson

My interest in Katja of Sweden started with a passion in art, vintage, retro, design and fashion. Katja of Sweden is part of Swedish fashion history and she was a great designer of international standard. Katja's life was like a saga, hence the name of the blog. Katja was the start of my journey to get inspired by people who stand out and create their own future and business. Good values, hard work and some luck has created good artists that inspire us all. Instagram Sagamodellen Facebook Sagamodellen (in Swedish)

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