Inspired by Frida Kahlo

I bought this tray a few years ago when I went to a Frida Kahlo art exhibition. I remember I was both fascinated and bored of all self portrates. This was before I knew much about her.

A Frida Kahlo tray. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

Her art is like a long blog of her own life. In that sense she was before her time, before social media. With her paintings she has become a superstar, inspiring the fashion industry as well as women all over the world. The French Vogue published a picture of her already in 1939. Frida Kahlo once said:

‘People thought I was a Surrealist. That’s not right. I have never painted dreams. What I represented was my own reality.’

Her life story is full of love, infidelity, sickness, drama, miscarriages, happiness. She died in 1954 and is still a superstar.

Frida Kahlo, Moses, 1945

Source: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera by Isabel Alcantara and Sandra Egnolff


Published by

Sara Thorsson

My interest in Katja of Sweden started with a passion in art, vintage, retro, design and fashion. Katja of Sweden is part of Swedish fashion history and she was a great designer of international standard. Katja's life was like a saga, hence the name of the blog. Katja was the start of my journey to get inspired by people who stand out and create their own future and business. Good values, hard work and some luck has created good artists that inspire us all. Instagram Sagamodellen Facebook Sagamodellen (in Swedish)

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