Nostalgic Mood

It’s autumn. Boat owners are preparing for the winter. The Scandinavian nostalgic mood is coming over me. It gets darker and it is allowed to get cosy with candles and a book. I read Katja of Sweden’s biography trying to understand why her brand only exist as a popular vintage brand nowadays. Katja Geiger had a strong vision of what to achieve and she was a hard working creative artist with a successful international design. 

However, hard work and creative design may not always work for long term without business skills. The fashion industry is sensitive to business cycles and consumers’ interest. Was it a lack of business skills that finally ended the successful design story?

Katja of Sweden was one of the strongest design brand Sweden had in the 60-and the 70th. It was the pioneer of the functional design that we can see today in Filippa K, Rodebjer and even H&M design.

I know Katja Geiger is very proud of what she achieved. She should be. It is just a shame that it didn’t last.

The autumn pictures below from south of Sweden reflects my nostalgic mood.

Nostalgic mood and preparation for a colder season 

Published by

Sara Thorsson

My interest in Katja of Sweden started with a passion in art, vintage, retro, design and fashion. Katja of Sweden is part of Swedish fashion history and she was a great designer of international standard. Katja's life was like a saga, hence the name of the blog. Katja was the start of my journey to get inspired by people who stand out and create their own future and business. Good values, hard work and some luck has created good artists that inspire us all. Instagram Sagamodellen Facebook Sagamodellen (in Swedish)

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