Katja of Sweden by Katja Geiger

Katja of Sweden by Katja Geiger. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

Fashionable green! A Katja of Sweden dress by Katja Geiger.


Crazy Collection 

Crazy livingroom decor, Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

Sometimes we need a change. If the change can’t get too radikal, it’s easier to just make a change in your home. 

This was my way of decorating my livingroom in a different way. If the Katja of Sweden dress doesn’t fit, use it in another way. My crazy collection of Katja of Sweden dresses!

Uniqueness of Vintage 

Maria Lindblom’s Katja of Sweden dress sold at Tradera, Photos: Maria Lindblom 

A lot of people collect vintage. It is a way of buying a beautiful unique piece that will express a personal side of yourself. Maria Lindblom sold the above Katja of Sweden dress at Tradera. She bought the dress 7-8 years ago:

‘I found this dress in a vintage store and noticed its quality. I rarely buy expensive cloths and this wasn’t expensive. However, I felt that this one was special with its colours and print.’

It is an exciting dress Maria now have sold. It may be from Katja of Sweden’s ‘The African Line’ collection and the print may be designed by textile designer Sven Fristedt. Africa must have been the inspiration for the designer anyway, see the print above.

I recently bought the dress below, also at Tradera. It is a more ordinary Katja of Sweden dress with a rather simple design but at the same time a colourful pattern and with great quality. 

Katja of Sweden dress owned by Sagamodellen. Photo: Sagamodellen 

A much more important reason to buy vintage is not only for the unique treasure you get hold of but also because of the sustainability issue. To buy less cloths but cloths that last for longer period of time will be essential for the future. Buying vintage is therefore part of being sustainable. 

Source: Interview with Maria Lindblom 

Colourful Åsa Gray

The Nordic Saga by Åsa Gray for Katja of Sweden. Photo by Åsa Gray herself

Katja of Sweden co-operated with textil designers to create beautiful design. This was a clever strategy to always produce something new, eventhough the style may not always change much. Åsa Gray was one of those artists. She was a young textile designer when she started her collaboration with Katja of Sweden in 1974-1976. Nearly 20 different patterns were created during this time.

Dalacarlia By Åsa Gray for Katja of Sweden, Photo: Åsa Gray

Many of the creations were inspired by nature and traditional Nordic culture. The colours are expressive but there is also a shift to a more gentle style with milder colours, for example the Farmer stripe below. (More of Åsa Gray’s design will be shown on Facebook Sagamodellen and Instagram with the same name.) Åsa Gray is not only a textile designer. 

Farmers stripes by Åsa Gray for Katja of Sweden, Photo: Åsa Gray herself 

 When the collaboration ended with Katja of Sweden, Åsa Gray’s design career continued successfully with work for IKEA. For example the flower vase VASEN is probably a very common product in peoples’ homes around the world. Today, Åsa Gray can be titled as one of Sweden’s most experienced designer.

Source: All photos are taken by Åsa Gray. Interview with Åsa Gray.

Michelle Obama’s Style 

She will be missed by many when she no longer will be First Lady Michelle Obama. In my point of view she has meant a lot to the fashion industry by wearing a pretty and progressive style of design, usually with strong colours and exciting prints. You can tell that she is a brave woman with her own opinion of what to wear. She has made a statement of ‘you are who you are and this is fine’.

Below is the print of the Kenzo dress she wore while visiting Japan last year. At this visit she announce the partnerskap between the US and Japan to educated girls around the world. Perhaps this gave H&M the idea of the new Kenzo x HM collection that was launched last week?

Kenzo fashion that was highlighted by First Lady Michelle Obama in Japan 2015

I hope we will see a lot more of Michelle Obama in the future.