Style Icons for Men

Håkan Andersson, a man in style inspired by Bryan Ferry. Photo by Håkan Andersson

Design is not only for women. There are lots of men who find good design important. You may find male design less colourful than female design but there’s nothing wrong with the style. Often it starts with music. Håkan Andersson, my work colleague with style and great music interest, tells us more:

‘My design interest started with Robert Palm but moved on to Bryan Ferry when I saw his concert in 1973.’

It was when Håkan Andersson studdied at Pildammsparksskolan in Malmö in the beginning of the 1970th when the interest grew to Bryan Ferry’s iconic design, for examples his classic costumes.

‘On the cover of Bryan Ferry’s second solo record he was wearing a classic costume with a black tie with white dots. I think I have three such ties nowadays. Bryan Ferry is a true Style Icon.’

Anothe Style Icon is the designer and movie director Tom Ford. It says that if you ever wear a Tom Ford costume it is difficult to wear design by anyone else. Tom Ford also got inspired in the 1970th disco light. He started his own brand in 2006, after successful years with Gucci. 

Designers, film people and musicians – lot of inspirational sources for future Style Icons. Or why not look around for Style Icons in our ordinary life.


Merry Christmas from Sweden 

A Katja of Sweden dress by Katja Geiger, Photo by SaraThorsson/Sagamodellen

I decorate with a beautifully red Katja of Sweden dress. It symbolise a female Santa with a vintage and fashion interest. Just like this blog. This blog is inspired by the designer Katja Geiger’s achievements in fashion but also about modern sources that inspires me and others. 

Fashion is, in my view, a combination of art and business. Hence, fashion is not about consumption; it’s about learning about life, culture, history and brave achievements. It’s an inspiration to learn more!

To all readers from all parts of the world, I wish you a Merry merry Christmas! 

Highlight from 2016, the Oomph Exhibition 

Vintage is the classic look that works for all time and events. That was something the Oomph exhibition showed us this year (2016) when they highlighted women who made Sweden colourful. Beautiful and still great things, by for example Katja Geiger, Viola Gråsten, Göta Trägårdh, Maud Fredin Fredholm and Astrid Sampe, were displayed at the Malmö Konstmuseum.  

The picture is from the exhibition with my friend wearing a classic Katja of Sweden dress. 

Rebecka Thulin wears a classic Katja of Sweden at the Malmö Konstmuseum exibition Oomph. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

Ayanda Nhlapo – The Next Big Thing

You have probably read about this hard working fashion designer Ayanda Nhlapo before. Now this business woman and presenter is the winner of the SA Style Awards 2016 The Next Big Thing.

We should promote young and brave fashion designers more. The South African fashion industry is rapidly changing and there are lots to get inspired by. Their fashion is brave and upcoming. Hence, following the Style Guru Ayanda Nhlapo is an inspiration. In her TV-program, Ayanda’s Fashion House, the business of fashion is being discussed and young entrepreneurs share tips and ideas of how they make it work. 

Designer Ayanda Nhlapo, Private photo

Design to get Inspired of 

A while ago I had a lovely day learning about Tonie Lewenhaupt’s vintage donation at the Röhsska Gallery, please see further blog below. I also had time to view the Gallery’s own design collection and to talk to their competent staff about Scandinavian design history. A Katja of Sweden dress was on display of course but also what actually inspired her to make fashion.

Bruno Mathsson inspired Katja Geiger. Photo: Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

The chair above is the kind of Bruno Mathsson chair that made it clear to Katja Geiger that no woman would possibly be able to sit beautifully in the chair wearing anything fashionable.

Katja of Sweden dress at Röhsska Gallery. Photo: Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

Female fashion meant, in the 1940th, corsets and tight underwear, not suitable for relaxing times in such chairs. She followed her vision of creating comfortable fashion for busy women of that time. The rest is Swedish fashion history.

A Vintage Expert

Katja of Sweden has inspired many generations with her design. Let me introduce you to one of those vintage experts who stands out. 

Vintage Expert Ida Nielsen, Photo: Gull-Britt Nielsen

Ida Nielsen is a Textile Teacher with great interest in fashion history, especially from the 1960th and the 70th. 

‘Katja of Sweden is part of Swedish fashion history. Her cloths is therefore part of Swedish tradition.’

Ida Nielsen says that Katja Geiger’s design was fashionable even though her design had her own style.

Through her interest and her education Ida Nielsen has an eye for quality. Her own wardrobe sparcles with colours with nearly 250 vintage dresses, 15 of those made of Katja of Sweden. 

She often wears Katja of Sweden dresses but she would never amend them. The respect for Katja Geiger’s creation is high. 

If you want to see more of Ida’s wardrobe please see her instagram Idasgarderob or her blogg 

You can read more about her on Facebook Sagamodellen or Instagram Sagamodellen. 

Source: Interview with Ida Nielsen, photo by Gull-Britt Nielsen