A Vintage Divine

Vintage Divine shop in Aarhus, Denmark. Photo by Mette Marie Aaes Emery. 

In Aarhus in Denmark you’ll find a very special vintage store owned and run by Mette Marie Aaes Emery. There you will find the best quality of vintage from 1920th-1970th. You can tell that this is Mette’s passion by looking at the pictures but as an Art Conservator as well this is something she has great knowledge of.

I first discovered this treasure of vintage a couple of years ago when I noticed a Katja of Sweden dress for sale. A few days later and the dress was delivered nicely. After that I receive emails with lovely pictures of divine vintage for sale.

Mette with passion for vintage from the 1920th, 1950th and early 1970th especially. Photo by Mette Marie Aaes Emery at Vintage Divine.

Mette started to collect when she was 18 years old but needed to sell out her collection in 2009. Hence, she started a web-shop (as you do!) and of course it all went well. In 2012 she opened her first shop in Aarhus. Due to her knowledge she had the opportunity to be part of the TV-program Skattejaegerne, which obviously must have been good marketing. Today, she runs an even larger shop at Klostergade in Aarhus.

Mette loves the beautyful artcraft with feminine details that rarely are produced nowadays. She gets inspired by her own collection of magazines for example Vogue and Le Chic Parisienne.

A divine collection. Photo by Mette Marie Aaes Emery

All washing, ironing, photo shooting and running the shop Mette does herself but with some support from her mother who is an expert in wedding dresses.

Mette has sold a few Katja of Sweden dresses:
“Katja of Sweden are unique in many ways and has a fantastic quality. I especially love her graphic design.”

If you are interested in exploring more please go to the web-shop and sign up for her emails at http:www.vintage-divine.dk


Cool Katja of Sweden design 

Katja of Sweden by Katja Geiger, the dress is now owned by Kulturen i Lund. Photo Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

The design is cool and would still be OK to wear even though these are from the late 60th.

Katja of Sweden dress by Katja Geiger. The dress is now owned by Kulturen in Lund. Photo Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

Ingrid Bergman 

Actress Ingrid Bergman

In January 1949 the film producer Roberto Rossellini flew from Italy to New York City to receive the Film Critics Award for the Best Foreign Movie. He then met actress Ingrid Bergman and her husband in California. It was Ingrid Bergman who had contacted him asking him to work with her.

The meeting must have been successful as Ingrid Bergman later goes to Italy to stay for a short period of time. She falls in love with the charming Italian man and stays, leaving husband and daughter in the States. 

The designer Katja Geiger knew Ingrid as their husbands worked together. They were Swedish women determened to succeed according to their visions. They both lived in Italy at the same time and probably talked and comforted each other while their husbands struggled with the film.

Ingrid Bergman met her daughter a few years later but it must have been tough years with lot of regrets and tears. It took the American critics many years to get over but the actress was finally forgiven. 

Ingrid Bergman was a talented and successful actress. She must have been extremely brave with a strong view of what to achieve. Katja Geiger had the same willingness to achieve according to her dreams too. This is something other women can learn. You just don’t have to leave your kids behind nowadays to make your dreams come true.

Source: Ingrid Bergman A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler. 

Fashion in China 

Fashion in Guangzhou, south of China. Photo Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

I had the opportunity to be in lovely Guangzhou a few weeks ago. The city is lovely, warm, international with lot of buzz. Guangzhou is in southern China and I can highly recommend it. There were some time for shopping of course and it wasn’t western fashion that I wanted to look for. Please see above some pictures of Chinese and Asian brands.

The streets were full of fashionable people. Most of them with brave and colourful fashion. However, there were also some young women wearing childish teddybear bags – why? The Chinese people look so young but why that type of style?

The fashion was mostly colourful with lot of prints and good quality. But get rid of the teddybears.