Chinese Propaganda Art

Propaganda post. Fewer birthday, better births, to develop a strong China, 1987. Shaosheng yousheng zhenxing Zhanghua

When I was in China I visited the Art Gallery in Bejing where I met some very talented artists from all over the country. I was stroked by their art and their proud. 

Back home in the city library I borrowed the book below that inspired me even further. The International Institute of Social History in Holland has a great collection of Chinese propaganda posters. These are telling us a great deal of Chinese history and of course a lot of communist propaganda. By using art the party could in a efficient way lead the country in the direction they wanted. It was a public education in communism but a very efficient one, telling the people of what to think and how to act.

Even though I may not stand for the politic values these posters are lovely art and I understand where the artists in Beijing are coming from.

Man works hard, flowers are fragrant, 1962. Ren qin xiang.

Source: Chinese Posters by Landsberger, van deras Heijden, Shen


Guo Pei – Absolutely Fantastic 

Couture, embroidery, gold decoration, princess dresses – this is a short summary of Guo Pei’s fantastic design. Guo Pei was born in Beijing in 1967, educated at the Beijing Second Light Industry School and started her own brand in 1997. Her design is dramatic and romantic at the same time. She is influenced by traditional Chinese imperial design and you will see a lot of magic embroidery in her cloths. It’s feminine and beautiful and I completely adore it. I want to see more and welcome her to Europe and the ‘haute couture club’.

See her latest at Vogue’s website Guo Pei in Vogue

Fashion in China 

Fashion in Guangzhou, south of China. Photo Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

I had the opportunity to be in lovely Guangzhou a few weeks ago. The city is lovely, warm, international with lot of buzz. Guangzhou is in southern China and I can highly recommend it. There were some time for shopping of course and it wasn’t western fashion that I wanted to look for. Please see above some pictures of Chinese and Asian brands.

The streets were full of fashionable people. Most of them with brave and colourful fashion. However, there were also some young women wearing childish teddybear bags – why? The Chinese people look so young but why that type of style?

The fashion was mostly colourful with lot of prints and good quality. But get rid of the teddybears.