Inspired by Roxy

Inspired by eyebrows. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen

Thick eyebrows with a good shape… this is high fashion for Swedish teenagers. 

I had the pleasure to have my best friend and her children as guests a few days ago. Her daughter Roxy, 13, is a remarkably clever young girl with strong opinions. Roxy came with pink/black hair and lots of make-up. But it wasn’t the pink hair I noticed, it was the perfect eyebrows. Roxy had nicely painted her eyebrows in a good shape. 

I know I sound old when I say it but today’s teenage girls have lots more attitude and personality than I had in her age. Already as 13 and Roxy claim her right to speak strongly about feminism and style (mostly make-up). 

Her personality reminds me of the female icon Frida Kahlo. There may not be a better role model for Roxy. She may be unknown today but certainly someone that Roxy could get inspired by in the future. At least she has eyebrows in common!

Nevertheless, Roxy’s make-up was fantastic and I am glad that she manage to experiment with such artistic moves. I hope she will continue doing so. As Frida Kahlo did.

Roxy with blue hair. Photo by Roxy.

Style Icons for Men

Håkan Andersson, a man in style inspired by Bryan Ferry. Photo by Håkan Andersson

Design is not only for women. There are lots of men who find good design important. You may find male design less colourful than female design but there’s nothing wrong with the style. Often it starts with music. Håkan Andersson, my work colleague with style and great music interest, tells us more:

‘My design interest started with Robert Palm but moved on to Bryan Ferry when I saw his concert in 1973.’

It was when Håkan Andersson studdied at Pildammsparksskolan in Malmö in the beginning of the 1970th when the interest grew to Bryan Ferry’s iconic design, for examples his classic costumes.

‘On the cover of Bryan Ferry’s second solo record he was wearing a classic costume with a black tie with white dots. I think I have three such ties nowadays. Bryan Ferry is a true Style Icon.’

Anothe Style Icon is the designer and movie director Tom Ford. It says that if you ever wear a Tom Ford costume it is difficult to wear design by anyone else. Tom Ford also got inspired in the 1970th disco light. He started his own brand in 2006, after successful years with Gucci. 

Designers, film people and musicians – lot of inspirational sources for future Style Icons. Or why not look around for Style Icons in our ordinary life.