A Vintage Divine

Vintage Divine shop in Aarhus, Denmark. Photo by Mette Marie Aaes Emery. 

In Aarhus in Denmark you’ll find a very special vintage store owned and run by Mette Marie Aaes Emery. There you will find the best quality of vintage from 1920th-1970th. You can tell that this is Mette’s passion by looking at the pictures but as an Art Conservator as well this is something she has great knowledge of.

I first discovered this treasure of vintage a couple of years ago when I noticed a Katja of Sweden dress for sale. A few days later and the dress was delivered nicely. After that I receive emails with lovely pictures of divine vintage for sale.

Mette with passion for vintage from the 1920th, 1950th and early 1970th especially. Photo by Mette Marie Aaes Emery at Vintage Divine.

Mette started to collect when she was 18 years old but needed to sell out her collection in 2009. Hence, she started a web-shop (as you do!) and of course it all went well. In 2012 she opened her first shop in Aarhus. Due to her knowledge she had the opportunity to be part of the TV-program Skattejaegerne, which obviously must have been good marketing. Today, she runs an even larger shop at Klostergade in Aarhus.

Mette loves the beautyful artcraft with feminine details that rarely are produced nowadays. She gets inspired by her own collection of magazines for example Vogue and Le Chic Parisienne.

A divine collection. Photo by Mette Marie Aaes Emery

All washing, ironing, photo shooting and running the shop Mette does herself but with some support from her mother who is an expert in wedding dresses.

Mette has sold a few Katja of Sweden dresses:
“Katja of Sweden are unique in many ways and has a fantastic quality. I especially love her graphic design.”

If you are interested in exploring more please go to the web-shop and sign up for her emails at http:www.vintage-divine.dk


The Pioneer Katja Geiger 97 is no longer with us

In January the 12th 2017 the successful Swedish designer Katja Geiger became 97 years old. Today on the 25th of January she sadly passed away. Educated at the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm and Parson’s School of Design in New York she became a productive designer with her own brand Katja of Sweden. Her first collection was launched in 1949 and was a success from start.

As a young woman Katja Geiger was a brave and sometimes controversial girl. She met her second husband in New York, the film director Rod Geiger, who worked together with Ingrid Bergman’s husband Roberto Rossellini. Rod Geiger became very much involved with the Katja of Sweden business.

Katja Geiger’s vision was inspired by Bruno Mathsson. After the Second World War the European fashion was still strict and not comfortable enough for the new stylish chairs by Bruno Mathsson that started to become fashionable. Katja Geiger’s vision was to design for the modern and active woman in need for fashionable cloths for home, work and leisure. Colourful design with lot of prints with variable sets of dresses, jackets, shoes, skirts and shirts were produced for different preferred combinations. This was new. The cloths were comfortable and useful for hectic women on the run, as well as relaxing at home with modern furniture.

The couple moved to Sweden in 1953 and continued with the brand Katja of Sweden, now in co-operation with the Malmo Factory, MMT. Katja Geiger’s most successful event was in Paris in 1966 which resulted in lot of articles by international press. Sweden, Denmark and especially America were important markets as well as Europe.

Katja Geiger was been a productive artist and designer. She has been an inspiration for many of the modern Swedish designers of today and important part of the Swedish fashion history.

Dynasti by Katja of Sweden
Dynasti by Katja of Sweden, Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

Highlight from 2016, the Oomph Exhibition 

Vintage is the classic look that works for all time and events. That was something the Oomph exhibition showed us this year (2016) when they highlighted women who made Sweden colourful. Beautiful and still great things, by for example Katja Geiger, Viola Gråsten, Göta Trägårdh, Maud Fredin Fredholm and Astrid Sampe, were displayed at the Malmö Konstmuseum.  

The picture is from the exhibition with my friend wearing a classic Katja of Sweden dress. 

Rebecka Thulin wears a classic Katja of Sweden at the Malmö Konstmuseum exibition Oomph. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

A Vintage Expert

Katja of Sweden has inspired many generations with her design. Let me introduce you to one of those vintage experts who stands out. 

Vintage Expert Ida Nielsen, Photo: Gull-Britt Nielsen

Ida Nielsen is a Textile Teacher with great interest in fashion history, especially from the 1960th and the 70th. 

‘Katja of Sweden is part of Swedish fashion history. Her cloths is therefore part of Swedish tradition.’

Ida Nielsen says that Katja Geiger’s design was fashionable even though her design had her own style.

Through her interest and her education Ida Nielsen has an eye for quality. Her own wardrobe sparcles with colours with nearly 250 vintage dresses, 15 of those made of Katja of Sweden. 

She often wears Katja of Sweden dresses but she would never amend them. The respect for Katja Geiger’s creation is high. 

If you want to see more of Ida’s wardrobe please see her instagram Idasgarderob or her blogg hebreiska.blogg.se. 

You can read more about her on Facebook Sagamodellen or Instagram Sagamodellen. 

Source: Interview with Ida Nielsen, photo by Gull-Britt Nielsen