Vintage Sweets

There has been a while since I wrote. My son hade to go through a tough operation. Now he is well and I’d like to share this with you – som nice vintage. Enjoy! 


Katja of Sweden 

Africa inspired this beautiful print. Katja of Sweden. Photo Sara Thorsson.

Vintage but still fashionable, stylish and beautiful. Katja of Sweden design live forever. Here with print that is inspired by Africa. 

Nostalgic Mood

It’s autumn. Boat owners are preparing for the winter. The Scandinavian nostalgic mood is coming over me. It gets darker and it is allowed to get cosy with candles and a book. I read Katja of Sweden’s biography trying to understand why her brand only exist as a popular vintage brand nowadays. Katja Geiger had a strong vision of what to achieve and she was a hard working creative artist with a successful international design. 

However, hard work and creative design may not always work for long term without business skills. The fashion industry is sensitive to business cycles and consumers’ interest. Was it a lack of business skills that finally ended the successful design story?

Katja of Sweden was one of the strongest design brand Sweden had in the 60-and the 70th. It was the pioneer of the functional design that we can see today in Filippa K, Rodebjer and even H&M design.

I know Katja Geiger is very proud of what she achieved. She should be. It is just a shame that it didn’t last.

The autumn pictures below from south of Sweden reflects my nostalgic mood.

Nostalgic mood and preparation for a colder season 

Eyebrows and Frida Kahlo 

Frida Kahlo and her eyebrows

Thick and well sculptured eyebrows is high fashion. The picture of Frida Kahlo and especially her hairy eyebrows seems to be so typical her. I wonder, with admiration, if she knew that they fit her size of face well and gave her face a caracteristic look. It is not thin eyebrows you should have nowadays which is a challenge for women like me.

Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows are clearly visible, show her eyes and sculpture her face. The right shape will manicure the face and give it a mini face-lift. That’s anyway what the beauty shop will tell you when you, with colour and manicure, trying to get visible eyebrows. For Frida Kahlo this came naturally.

Inspired by Frida Kahlo

I bought this tray a few years ago when I went to a Frida Kahlo art exhibition. I remember I was both fascinated and bored of all self portrates. This was before I knew much about her.

A Frida Kahlo tray. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

Her art is like a long blog of her own life. In that sense she was before her time, before social media. With her paintings she has become a superstar, inspiring the fashion industry as well as women all over the world. The French Vogue published a picture of her already in 1939. Frida Kahlo once said:

‘People thought I was a Surrealist. That’s not right. I have never painted dreams. What I represented was my own reality.’

Her life story is full of love, infidelity, sickness, drama, miscarriages, happiness. She died in 1954 and is still a superstar.

Frida Kahlo, Moses, 1945

Source: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera by Isabel Alcantara and Sandra Egnolff

Only the Best

I had the pleasure to visit Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg last weekend. I can recommend their exhibition of Tonie Lewenhaupt’s donation of her beautiful fashion collection. Tonie Lewenhaupt is a wellknown illustrator and author who worked closely with Katja of Sweden for many years. Don’t miss the exhibition that ends in January 2017.

A few dresses of Tonie Lewenhaupt’s donation to Röhsska Museum. Photo by Sara Thorsson / Sagamodellen 

Fashion Activist

There is such an inspiration to listen to the Fashion Designer Bea Åkerlund telling about her experience of life in both the US and Sweden. She is not afraid of standing out which is probably also why she can count Madonna as one of her clients. On the she is interviewed by Natalia Brzezinski about life, career and how to stand out.

Brzezinski, who is married to the former US Ambassador for Sweden, and Bea Åkerlund discuss the difference of attitudes between the two countries. Sweden has a lot to offer women in equality and child care but it is a much smaller country and the importance of being a nice girl is higher than to be able to stand out.

Bea started as a Fashion Stylist. Due to her personality and strong drive she now calls herself a Fashion Activist as she has been able to take her design to the next level. Influentual artists and clients have probably helped her achieving this. However, she would never been able to get those type of clients without a strong personality. The attitude is not very Swedish and therefore something Swedes should listen and learn from. The link to the podcast is below: